Planning, Saving, and Spending for Success

    A TNB Challenge for Grades 8-12

    In this challenge, students compete for a GRAND PRIZE of $250 by pitching a plan to improve their financial future. Teachers can expect to finish the entire challenge in 2-4 weeks and cover GSE Personal Financial Literacy standards 1 - 10 (SSPFL1-SSPFL10).

    Because financial success requires knowledge and networks, through the course of this challenge, students are asked to talk to an adult in their life or reach out to one of our TNB mentors for financial advise.

    The Tisk

    Only 16% of Americans between ages 18-26 are very optimistic about their financial future.

    The Task

    Improve the way you plan, save, or spend so you can be very optimistic about your financial future.

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