Arts Heal

    A COVID-19 Public Health Response Challenge

    The arts play a critical role in emergency situations. They can help communicate vital information or provide much-needed creative escapes during hard times. In this challenge, you will use your creative superpowers and apply the arts to make the world a little more informed, a little more joyful, a little more beautiful during, or a little more connected during this period of coronavirus-related isolation.

    The TiskTask Process

    TiskTask follows a four-step design thinking process in which teachers give students feedback and scores at each step. For this challenge, Thomasville Center for the Arts Executive Director Michele Arwood has also left students hints and suggestions for solving at each step.

    A complete list of the ELA and Fine Arts standards covered by Arts Heal can be found here. Curriculum is geared towards grades 9-12 and post-secondary students, but students at all grade levels are invited to compete. The challenge will take your students approximately 2-4 weeks to complete, depending on the amount of time students choose to spend on the creative processes of creating their solutions and pitch videos, as well as the amount of teacher instruction incorporated. The challenge is open March 23-May 15. Winners will be announced on May 30.

    Are you a teacher interested in finding out more?

    Contact us at to find out more about registering your students for this free TiskTask challenge.

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