The Memory Project Brief

    Challenge Details Released

    The TISK

    Throughout the ages, older people have been important teachers, helping younger generations understand their past and imparting wisdom for the future. Now, perhaps more than ever, younger generations are disconnected from these important sources of knowledge and wisdom. 

    The TASK

    Connect with an older person in your community to learn about an important event in US history. Create a piece of art that tells the story of their remembrance- a song, a poem, a painting, a movie - to instruct and inform future generations.


    This TiskTask challenge meets the following Georgia Standards of Excellence for US (or Georgia) History and Fine Arts (grades 8 - 12). See tasks above for details on standards and project pacing.


    This challenge is open to students in grades 6 through post-secondary February 15 - April 15. A Final Design Showcase event will be TBD based on COVID-related developments. A panel of community experts will evaluate top submissions from each school using the same rubric used by classroom teachers through challenge period.

    • 1st place = $250
    • 2nd place = $100
    • 3rd place = $50

    Donated works of art will be collected and exhibited in area senior care facilities. Please consider donating your students work for a curated exhibition in these facilities.

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