And the winners are....

    Spring Showcase Winners Announced

    Now more than ever, world leaders emphasize the need for developing problem-solving skills in our youth. In the first annual TiskTask Design Showcase, hosted by Thomasville Center for the Arts, 226 students from seven area schools competed to solve problems presented by local businesses and organizations.  

    Over $750 in cash and prizes was awarded to students for solving challenges sponsored by TC Federal, Grassroots Coffee, Flint River Soil and Water Conservation District, Southlife Supply Co, Sweet Grass Dairy, Archbold Hospital, and Thomasville Center for the Arts. 

    WINNERS! PLEASE NOTE: You will need to complete this form to claim your prize! Still want a chance to win money? Fill out our survey to be entered into a drawing for a $25 Grassroots Gift Card.

    Challenge: Nip Nutrient Pollution, sponsored by Flint River Soil and Water Conservation District

    • FIRST: Izzy Wells, Zeythan Johnson, Sanya Willis, and Ian Spires of Washington Middle School
    • SECOND: Gracie Strickland, Ellie Godwin, and Lana Walker of Brookwood School
    • THIRD: Kathrine Bostick, Kendra Sims, Lauren Morgan, and Julio Matias-Perez of Washington Middle School
    • HONORABLE MENTION: Nicholas Connell, MPMS Scholars Academy

    Challenge: Eradicate Food Waste, sponsored by Sweet Grass Dairy

    • FIRST: Joe Bannan, Thomas University
    • SECOND: Abby Gerleman, MPMS Scholars Academy
    • THIRD: Anna Batchelor, Southern Regional Technical College

    Challenge: Design a Travel Product, sponsored by Southlife Supply Co. 

    • FIRST: Henry O’Garra, Thomas University
    • SECOND: Luis Martinez, Thomas University
    • THIRD: Ian Moody, Southern Regional Technical College

    Challenge: Create a Connection, sponsored by Grassroots Coffee Co. 

    • FIRST: Emily Raffield, MPMS Scholars Academy
    • SECOND: Gavin Rochford-Smith, Thomas University
    • THIRD: Charlie Smith, MPMS Scholars Academy

    Challenge: Banking for Future Prosperity, sponsored by TC Federal

    • TOP SOLVER: John Fruin, Thomas University

    Challenge: Make a Better PLAYce, sponsored by Thomasville Center for the Arts 

    • TOP SOLVERS: Bosie Miles, Amelia Cook, Avery Ramsey, Thomas Beverly, Anna Oppenheim, Anna Charles, Davis Ledford of Brookwood School

    Challenge: Improving Health Outcomes, sponsored by Archbold Hospital

    • FIRST: Lawson Carter, Thomas University
    • SECOND: Sam Eyes, Thomas University
    • THIRD: Ivan Tomic, Thomas University

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