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    Package To Play preview image

    Package To Play

    The Everfan Imaginative Play Challenge

    Create a developmentally appropriate product for kids that is made from cardboard boxes.

    Enter discount code "box2019" to get free access to the prize pool and expert feedback!
    Top 10% win $50 Amazon gift card.
    Design a Travel Product preview image

    Design a Travel Product

    A SouthLife Supply Co. Product Design Challenge

    Apply Christensen's "job to be done" theory on product development to create a pattern or paper prototype for a leather item to enhance SouthLife Supply Co.'s travel category.

    Top 10% win $50 Amazon gift card.
    Nip Nutrient Pollution preview image

    Nip Nutrient Pollution

    Evoqua's Water Quality Improvement Challenge

    Find a way to reduce nutrient pollution at your home or in your community.

    Create a Connection preview image

    Create a Connection

    Coldkeepers' Social Media Campaign Challenge

    Identify key customers for Coldkeepers and create a social media campaign that connects Coldkeepers to those customers.

    Top 10% win $50 Amazon gift card.