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    NEW in JANUARY 2021! UPDATED TEACHER DASHBOARD allows teachers to monitor class progress, group students, and suggests extension activities for skill remediation.

    Are TiskTask challenges standards-based?

    Yes! Many TiskTask challenges are aligned to subject-specific state and national standards. While most challenges do not require specific content knowledge, the TiskTask process also aligns with the Commons Core Standards for College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards, as well as nearly all of the Partnership for 21st Century's Student Outcomes.

    Contact us to find out which challenges align to your standards or how we can customize challenges for your learning objectives.

    How long does it take to complete a challenge?

    Our challenges generally take between two weeks and two months, depending on how in-depth you want your students to go. Featured tisks are sponsored challenges with specified challenge windows (usually four-five months) and prizes. In order to compete for the prizes, students must solve all tasks by the challenge deadline.

    Can students work in teams?

    The updated teacher dashboard allows for teachers to group individual students into teams. We encourage teachers to give each student their own login to allow for individual reflection and skill development even if students collaboratively develop solutions within teams.

    How do I find people for my students to interview?

    Teachers new to the process often find it helpful to invite a guest to class and conduct a group interview. From there, start with close connections- friends and relatives of you and your students. And then ask for referrals. Be creative about the different people connected to any particular problem and don’t be afraid to reach out. Most everyone enjoys talking about their area of expertise-- especially when it benefits young people.

    How do students win prizes?

    Top solvers from each class are graded by challenge sponsors and TiskTask instructional designers. Prizes, which are designated on challenge info card, are awarded gift cards. In order for students to be recognized and prizes to be awarded, teachers must submit Media Release and address information for each winner.

    How are students graded?

    Built-in rubrics allow teachers to grade students based off of target skills and content standards. Students will be given rubrics at problem outset, in addition to the beginning of each task. Teachers may also opt to create customized rubrics tailored to their learning objectives. To make suggestions or ask questions about points, contact us at

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